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Therapy Training Hampshire Southampton Totton

Therapy Training

Therapy training in Hampshire, I offer EFT, kinesiology and CPD therapy training workshops. 

Also various complementary therapies and organise related public events throughout the year online, and in person in Hampshire, throughout the UK and Internationally.  

 These are for your personal development or continual professional development (CPD).

Therapy Training Hampshire Southampton Totton

Transforming Lives

Clients have sessions for various reasons:

Fears, stress management, anxiety, low confidence, and well-being related problems.

Food intolerance testing and diet related issues.

Relationship difficulties and coping with a bereavement.  

First class public speaking and presentation skills, career promotion

Relaxation, Self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

A real chance to change, moving forward in life, achieving their goals, but mostly because they need something in their lives to change now.

therapy training hampshire southampton totton comprehensive therapeutic sessions willow natural therapy clinic

Therapy Training Hampshire Southampton Totton

Virtual Sessions for Your Empowerment

It is time to be less stressed, calmer, more positive, feeling back in control and to be able to get the most out of your life no matter where in the world you are .

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