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Natural Health Clinic Hampshire Southampton Totton

Willow Natural Therapy Clinic

A natural health clinic in Hampshire, Southampton and surrounding New Forest areas. If you are worried, anxious or need my support mentally, emotionally or physically please get in touch. 

Now is the time to be less stressed, calmer, more positive and back in control.

Natural Health Clinic Hampshire Southampton Totton


Offering a broad range of holistic and natural therapies, as well as personal development and relationship coaching. Supporting clients in-person, online or phone call.

Willow Natural Therapy Clinics provide sessions that meet the wide range of clients’ needs, from mental health issues, anxiety, mindfulness/relaxation, lifestyle changes and reducing stress, through to Public Speaking Skills, improved optimum health and well-being. 

Each session is confidential, holistic, natural and individually tailored to your specific needs.

Natural Health Clinic Hampshire Southampton Totton

What My Clients Say

To see what clients say about their sessions you can watch/fast forward to a specific person through the testimonial video, or read what they say in the reviews or browse through the treatments and programs I provide in the navigation menu.

For a pre-chat or to book your initial session please call or WhatsApp on 07903 711 079  or use the contact form.

Natural Health Clinic Hampshire Southampton Totton

Empowering Transformation

Clients have sessions for various personal reasons: 

Fears, stress management, anxiety, low confidence, and well-being related problems. 

Food intolerance testing and diet related issues.

Relationship difficulties and coping with a bereavement.

Relaxation, Self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

First class public speaking and presentation skills, career promotion. 

A real chance to change, moving forward in life, achieving their goals, but mostly because they need something in their lives to change now.

I am also pleased to offer accredited supervision for students and qualified practitioners.

I offer, in addition to my existing clinics, online sessions. These enable me to help you no matter where in the world you are

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